Sabtu, 19 Mac 2011

Just now.

Now,i at the bus stop waiting.
Waiting for something that me myself not hundred percent sure.
Its not the first time im waiting.
Like my whole life im wait,and im tired of being in this bulshit.

Now,the rain start to pourin down.
The bless from God,but not all feel it.And like it.
But-am a believer,even though im here alone.Because.
The faith,always locked deep down in my fragile heart.

Now,the ''Blessed with the curse" flowing in my both ugly ears.
Like a drug,like a shot of tequila,like a street whore.
It pleasing me.
While the real bless,still occur.Then come skinny malay girl.

Now,im not the one who sit and hoping.
But,not like me,she sure about the waiting.
I ask her.Get something.Make damn sure.
Then we just sit and have a talk,from stranger to other stranger.

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^^ berkata...

aha ^^

ehem2..siapa lg tu the malay gurl>

caya la

qierana berkata...

haha,sambil2 kan